Press Release

KomyMirror Installed in Overhead Stowage Bins on Airbus A330neo

March 8, 2018 | Aircraft

Airbus has adopted the KomyMirror as an optional mirror to be installed in the overhead stowage bins on the A330neo, an improved version of the current A330 model.
The KomyMirror is also installed in the current A330 model, and the overhead stowage bins have also been improved in the A330neo model's new interior design, "AIRSPACE." A mirror that is larger than the current model and provides users with better and 100-percent visibility proposed by Komy was adopted in the new overhead stowage bins.
The mirror dimensions are 170 mm x 126 mm x 2.1 mm (thickness).

The Airbus A330neo is scheduled to be delivered to airline customers in 2019.