Press Release

Komy Develops "TanaOS," Stick for Overhead Bins, Jointly with Japan Airlines

April 25, 2018 | Aircraft

Together with Japan Airlines, Komy Co., Ltd. has developed "TanaOS," a stick for cabin attendants to check if overhead bins on aircraft are properly closed.

With its dedication to detail, Komy manufactures mirrors that eliminate blind spots. Komy first released its innovative KomyMirror, the first mirror in the world to provide a wide-angle view despite being flat, in 1997. Since then, the company has been shipping KomyMirrors for overhead bins on aircraft.

Instead of a mirror, the company has on this occasion created a tool to help cabin attendants -- a stick that has been perfected after many repetitions of trial and error and direct interviews with Japan Airlines' cabin attendants. The TanaOS stick is extendable, measuring 19.1 cm long (39.2 cm when extended)」 and weighing 155 g. The name "TanaOS" ("tana" meaning a rack or shelf in Japanese) was given by Japan Airlines' cabin attendants.

As part of their safety check routine, Japan Airlines' cabin attendants make sure that overhead bins are properly closed before takeoff and landing so that the bins do not accidentally open due to the shock of takeoff or landing or by unexpected turbulence during flight, letting luggage fall onto passengers. Until now, cabin attendants had to stand on the steps on the seat and check each bin manually, but with TanaOS, they will be able to check bins more speedily without stepping into passengers' space. It has also helped reduce the physical stress of cabin attendants who fly several domestic flights a day.

In future, Komy plans to offer TanaOS to other airlines, as well as developing non-mirror products that address other issues found during interviews with cabin attendants.