Environmental Policy

At Komy Co. Ltd., we value the joy of new encounters, creativity and trust. We are committed to write success stories, in which we can share the joy with customers and partner companies, through the pursuit of making "user-friendly mirrors."

We continue to create a new standard that will contribute to society and our co-existence with the environment, by manufacturing "user-friendly mirrors" that will benefit a variety of fields from the near-by ATM to a convenience store and even aircrafts.

  • Understand and comply fully with the laws and other requirements that apply to our business activities.
  • Prevent environmental contamination by building products and factories that will reduce the impact on the eco system in each of the following phases: "in the process of manufacturing," "during the use" and "at the time of disposal."
  • Maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system by establishing and frequently revising our purposes and objectives to preserve nature.
  • Engage in corporate-wide activities to ensure that all employees thoroughly understand our environmental policies and raise the awareness of protecting the planet.