Application for stowage bins

The KomyMirror has been installed in all types of AIRBUS and Boeing Aircraft. Please click the following page, then you can see the pictures of installation examples each aircraft type.


3c63f68f892b6e840b751e7c795ffbf55627ed51.jpgJTA B737- 400

Appli-B-2.jpgSolaseed B737- 400

Appli-B-3.jpgJAL B747- 400 O/B BIN

Appli-B-4.jpgQantas B747-400ER O/B BIN

Appli-B-5.jpgANA B767 New Look Type O/B BIN

Appli-B-6.jpgJAL B777 Center BIN


Appli-A-1.jpgSAS A321

Appli-A-2.jpgANA A320

Appli-A-3.jpgCathay Pacific A330 Center BIN

Appli-A-4.jpgSAS A340 Center Articulating BIN

Appli-A-5.jpgA380 Center BIN

Appli-A-6.jpgA380 O/B BIN