Environmental Problems No.3

What should Komy do in the future?

In January 2010, we started a monthly company-wide meeting to discuss environmental problems for half an hour, so that we can be keenly aware of these problems and work to solve them.
At the first meeting, the results of ISO 14001 training sessions and management reviews were reported. We first discussed the definition of terms as usual, and asked all the employees to comment on environmental problems.
Based on these comments, we intend to continue our discussion on the environment and environmental problems.
A variety of views were expressed while discussing the definition of the environment, but finally we agreed on a definition “nature, animals and plants, people, their correlations and other things relevant to Komy’s businesses.”

Some of the comments made by our employees are as follows: “When we hear ‘eco-friendly activities,” we tend to feel they are ‘too much of a bother.'”
“The accumulation of small efforts will turn out to be significant power.”
“It is important to use less paper and set the air-conditioner at a lower temperature.”
“We should choose environmentally-friendly office supplies.”

In another month, we discussed how to appeal to our customers about the contribution of Komy’s products can serve to reduce environmental burdens. Komy’s elevators have a mirror to prevent being stuck in the door and ensure that all people have got on.
One of our users once commented: “these products are good for energy saving.” Although the energy-saving level seems to be generally expressed using the converted values of CO2 emissions, those values do not precisely reflect such a comment.
Have elevators come to be used less frequently? If so, how has it affected CO2 emissions? Has the efficiency improved as a result of preventing those intending to get in the elevator from being left behind? We concluded that, rather than data on CO2 emissions, the frequency of elevator operation, etc., our users’ opinions would more accurately reflect the environmental benefits of Komy’s products. Thus we decided to directly convey the voices of our users to other people to demonstrate our efforts to reduce environmental burdens.

Other topics include:
“Can we obtain Eco-Mark from third-party organizations?
“How can we further reduce defective products?”
“Can we add our in-house environmental activities to our website?”
We intend to continue to address both immediate and fundamental subjects to find solutions to environmental issues.

Our future dream (perspectives)

Honda’s response to the Muskie Act* was one of good examples of quick adjustment to the changing social attitudes about the environment.
Komy’s primary work is assembling – a process considered to make relatively less impact on the environment than other manufacturing processes.
Although we cannot yet clearly tell how we can contribute to the solution of environmental problems, we hope to be a company that can take the initiative in environment protection.

Muskie Act:
Muskie Act refers to the U.S. Clean Air Act amended in December 1970, which was considered at that time the strictest automobile exhaust gas regulation in the world. Since complying with its provisions was considered virtually impossible, this law provoked backlash from automobile manufacturers and was scrapped in 1974 without being fully implemented.

Development of Komy’s environment protection measures

(from the general comments of Komy’s management review)


The second year after Komy was certified under ISO 14001. Although our friend Mr. Shirato told us that the ISO 14001 certification would help us cut waste and make a profit, we could not really feel such benefits. Thinking about the reason, we realized that it was because almost all the Komy’s products were designed to improve safety, security and efficiency and reduce environmental burdens.
Also, those super thin and lightweight products have a long product cycle of 10 to 30 years. Since cars are detrimental in terms of LCA, none of Komy’s employees commute by car and even the president and CEOs does not posses their own cars.
We decided to start the discussion on Komy’s future and social contribution from diverse and long-term perspectives based on LCA. While keeping our environmental policies as they are, it is necessary for us to have regular discussions to help all the employees to be fully aware of these policies.
Results: Four more employees were designated as internal auditors upon completion of training; frameless products were developed; environment-related articles were posted.


Our discussion on the environmental in 2008 seemed to be insufficient. We felt the necessity to think about the survival of living creatures, companies and products from the perspective of the environment, DNA and time. Thus we decided to set aside more time to discuss environmental problems from these perspectives. It was also determined that within one year we would prepare a booklet entitled “A Story of Komy and Environmental Problems” (provisional title).

The target of each section was determined to be:
[Manufacturing Section]: Reducing airplane-related defective products
[Design Section] : Developing and shifting to new products that are simpler and lighter.
[Marketing Section] : Making the appeal that our mirror products will help reduce environmental impacts.
Results: A time for company-wide discussion on the environment was set aside; this booklet was completed; “Komy’s environmental protection measures” were added to the company website; a gradual shift to frameless products was successful.


The shipping volume of FF Mirror Air has exceeded 100,000 since its first shipment, and we have not yet received any complaints for damages.
This long-life, super lightweight product has proved to contribute to environmental protection, probably because of its physical functions suited to its usage environments.
Komy compiled its first booklet entitled “A Story of Environmental Problems”
describing its efforts to address environmental problems as the most significant challenge to humankind.
We hope that this booklet will offer hints for solutions to environmental problems and the survival of the company and living creatures.