Checking for suspicious articles and passenger’s forgotten items in lockers is time-consuming without mirrors, so I appreciate that you’ve produced a great item.

Ms. Atsuko Takada

I’d heard the company name Komy somewhere, and those mirrors in the lockers (the name for the overhead bins at my airline) were not on the level of “Oh, yeah, we have those,” but I utilized them on every flight.

Without mirrors, it can take a great deal of time to check for suspicious items or items left behind by passengers in lockers as soon as they board the plane and before they disembark. Especially on larger aircraft, lockers are also placed higher up, so you can’t normally stretch up and see all that’s inside. That’s why we checked each locker visually and also with a mirror. We’re truly grateful for these mirrors. Thank you for making such a great item.

Ms. Atsuko Takada, Former cabin crew, Career Coach