Using the mirrors makes finding forgotten or unsafe items in the bins before and after boarding much quicker.

My name is Yu Inada, and I am a cabin crew member with Etihad Airways. I have 10 years of experience, so I am now a cabin senior, which means I am in charge of the economy class cabin. I am a manager when flying on narrow-bodied aircraft. We currently have five Japanese employees who are assigned to this position. When I joined the company, the requirement was that even if you were short, you were hired if you had an arm reach of 212 cm. The criteria have now changed, and the height requirement is 161 cm. As a short person, I am very grateful for Komy’s mirrors.

Under company regulations, a visual inspection of the overhead bins and a mirror check is always carried out before and after each flight to spot any items that may have been left behind or unsafe. Before boarding, only Etihad Airways staff work on the aircraft after loading, and other external contractors have finished their work. This is not to say that mirrors are unnecessary if you inspect visually. I’ve found that the mirrors make visual inspection much quicker. They are now an essential part of my work.

Yu Inada, Cabin Senior Etihad Airways