The mirror helped me get my belongings in and out smoothly

Mr.Ken Miyazawa

I worked for an airline in flight operations. I didn’t know where I would sit when I flew on business, as it was often after the passengers had boarded the aircraft. There were times when the flight took off as soon as I stowed my baggage. Sometimes I would stow away items in the overhead bin that I wanted to keep with me in a hurry and then had to retrieve them during the flight.

If you’re sitting in the middle seat, for example, the aisle passenger will have to stand and wait for you, and you’ll be expected to find your things as quickly as possible. At such times, the KomyMirror makes it easy to locate the baggage and eliminates the need to look for it. After taking out the baggage, it can be returned to its place smoothly, reducing the waiting time.

Mr.Ken Miyazawa, Former airline employee