Stowed baggage often moves around, so checking in the mirror has become a habit.

Mr.Nobuyuki Oba

My name is Nobuyuki Oba and I’m a painter living in Tokyo. Original paintings I exhibit at solo shows in remote locations are sent by land transportation, but sometimes I transport the original paintings I have done just before the show to the venue. When I had a show in Sapporo, I took small-sized originals on board as it felt safest to carry them myself. I carried the items I had prepared in advance in an art portfolio case, but I also took an original painting I couldn’t fit in, which I had agonized over until the end, in a paper bag.

When I stow my work in the overhead bin on board, I am careful to make sure that the portfolio case doesn’t get buried under other people’s baggage, and I try to place it on top of the baggage containing my personal belongings, but on that day the paper bag got separated from the case. I didn’t have to panic as I could spot the paper bag in the KomyMirror. Since then, it has become my habit to use the mirror to check my things in the overhead bin, as they often move.

Mr. Nobuyuki Oba, Artist