With Komy’s mirrors, which allow you to see immediately, I can check for items left behind worry-free.

Mr. Akio Kato

I like trains and airplanes and use them when I travel. I believe it’s better to travel light, so I often carry just a backpack and a jacket. If you always decide to travel that way, you are less likely to leave things behind while traveling.

When flying domestically, I usually put my backpack in the overhead bin, with my jacket on top. All I have to do is take out my backpack and jacket when disembarking, but sometimes the jacket gets moved around. When this happens, Komy’s mirror, which allows me to see right away, gives me the peace of mind to do my usual checks.

Most trains have mesh shelves, but I’ve seen baggage racks with doors like those on aircraft. The doors are important because baggage can fall off even on trains, so I thought having Komy’s mirrors there would be useful, too.

Mr. Akio Kato, Office worker