I have even told people who were taking a long time retrieving their baggage about the mirror.

As someone who writes books on aviation and knows a lot about mileage trends, I frequently fly just to earn miles. But there are instances where I return to my departure point shortly after arriving at the destination airport, whether it be domestic or international, to board the same aircraft again. My purpose is not to go to the destination but to fly. I was the one who popularized the term “touch” to describe this behavior with the feeling of an element of leisure.

For domestic flights, I sometimes spend as little as 30 minutes in the area, and the amount of time I spend at the airport depends on how quickly I can get off the plane. That’s why the act of retrieving baggage using Komy’s mirror came naturally to me, and I have even told people who were taking a long time to find their baggage that it would be easier if they checked in the mirror above.

Mr. Paradise Yamamoto, Mambo musician and writer