I was reminded of the importance of the mirror when I saw someone cleaning up snacks scattered in a baggage compartment while looking in the mirror.

I fly to attend international trade fairs. As I worry about forgetting things, so I check with Komy’s mirror while reaching into the front of the baggage compartment to see if I’ve left anything behind. It makes me feel at ease. I think the mirror is an important item that can bring a sense of security that nothing is left behind.

Talking about the mirror reminds me of something. On one occasion, when our aircraft arrived at our destination, I saw a bag of potato chips from a fellow passenger’s bag that had torn open and scattered in a baggage compartment. In the air, the bag seemed to have expanded due to the change in cabin pressure. As I watched, the person seemed used to the situation and cleaned the mess up easily. It was before we were to disembark, so I kept watching them and noticed that they kept glancing up, and I realized that they were looking into Komy’s mirror to clean up the mess. It all happened so fast, and I recall thinking how important that mirror was.

Mr. Genichi Nakata, Mini car retailer