When bringing valuable and important completed plastic models on board, the mirrors are useful for checking their condition in the stowage compartments.

I work as a professional modeler in Tokushima, building plastic models. In some cases, I am commissioned to assemble models for reports for readers of model magazines sold in bookshops nationwide. I always strive for an accurate and intricate finish that will make the model something that readers of the magazine would want to build.

Couriers usually deliver my completed examples, but sometimes I fly to Tokyo, where I take them to a publisher for a sales pitch. When I bring valuable and important completed models on board, I ensure they do not obstruct anyone’s luggage and are placed securely in the stowage compartment. As they are often bulky, it is useful to be able to check their condition at all times with the Komy’s mirrors to ensure they are stowed carefully.

Noriyuki Kubo, Professional Modeler