The mirror helped me notice a small camera that had popped out in the stowage compartment.

While I was still working, I had to travel to domestic oil refinery sites for maintenance work. On one occasion, I had a fortunate experience thanks to Komy’s mirror. I had taken a small but valuable camera on the plane, which I had kept in my winter coat pocket for site checking. I usually put it in my bag but had forgotten because I had been in a rush.

I had put my hand luggage and coat in the stowage compartment, but my camera had slipped out of my pocket, I think, due to turbulence. When I emptied the baggage compartment on arrival, I saw a shiny object in the mirror and realized it was the camera. It was silver, so I recognized it immediately. Without the mirror, I would never have noticed it. Since then, I have used a mirror to check all four corners of the stowage when boarding an aircraft.

Yoshihisa Motohashi
Former employee of an oil refinery maintenance company