Adoption of KomyMirror with excellent visibility throughout the new building for safer workplace

Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.

Without these mirrors we would be in big trouble

porter.jpgComment from a porter :
Trolleys are constantly coming and going here, so we pay careful attention to corridor traffic by keeping a close eye on the KomyMirrors. We would be in big trouble without these mirrors!

At an eye level suited to wheelchair users

user-A.jpgComment from wheelchair user A :
I had always been worried about colliding with people at this corner, so I was delighted when a KomyMirror was installed here at an eye level suited to wheelchair users like myself. This mirror provides a wide field of view that helps ensure I can always turn this corner safely.

I can see someone before turning

Comment from wheelchair user B :
Since a KomyMirror was installed here, I make sure that I always stop and check whether I can see someone coming towards me in the mirror before I turn the corner.

They kindly wait for me

user-C.pngComment from wheelchair user C :
When people in the elevator see me in my wheelchair coming towards them in the KomyMirror, they kindly wait for me to get in. That makes me really happy.

Easy to mount and remove with magnet

manager.pngComment from an office manager :
The KomyMirror is thin and — as it is secured in place with magnets — easy to mount and remove. Since these mirrors do not significantly affect the interior design, they have been widely adopted for our new head office project.