Simply sticking KomyMirror on a wall instantly eliminates dangerous blind spots!

Ginza Aster Co., Ltd.

ginza-aster0611.jpgHow can we prevent accidents? Maybe a mirror will help.
In the food service industry, food safety is usually prioritized over workplace accidents. However, since our workers carry very hot food and heavy objects, any accident may result in a serious injury. June was our “Bump and Fall Accident Awareness Month.” Each restaurant had a few areas where collisions could occur at any moment–in particular, along the busy routes between the kitchen and customer tables, floor staff could bump into each other or into a customer. While thinking “We must prevent accidents, but how?”, one day a roadside traffic mirror caught my eye. With the inspiration that perhaps a mirror could solve our problem, I searched the Internet and found KomyMirror. Filled with hope, we decided to visit Komy.

KomyMirror has changed my view of the world!
As soon as we installed the mirrors, unexpected positive responses poured in. The waiting staff especially welcomed the mirrors. The great thing about KomyMirror is that simply sticking it on a wall instantly eliminates dangerous blind spots. One employee even said: “KomyMirror has changed my view of the world!” The mirrors are very effective, and they have eliminated collisions. About one year after the introduction, we are now concerned that staff members’ awareness may be reduced. We must firmly establish the habit of checking mirrors to prevent accidents. When carrying something, a small action to try to avert a collision may cause an accident. We continue to remind everyone to always announce themselves to ensure safety when passing through.