A380 maiden commercial voyage

With initial beginnings in 7 years ago (2000), the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, is set to make its maiden voyage; Singapore Airlines will fly the first Airbus A380 from Singapore to Sydney, Australia on Oct. 25. The airline received an overwhelming response from passengers for its first flight.
Komy is the sole medium-small sized company amongst other Japanese corporations to have participated in the A380 project, with approx. 200 pieces of its KomyMirror being installed in the overhead compartments of the super jumbo commercial aircraft.
Not only does the product help passengers not leave their belongings behind, but also allows flight attendants to easily conduct a thorough security check of an airplane.
The KomyMirror will be installed, as standard equipment, in all of the 189 A380 aircrafts that have already been ordered (as of September, 2007). Ultra lightness is the most critical factor to the newest commercial carrier, yet, Komy is proud it successfully developed a super light mirror–weighing only 42g, a mere 10kg for 200 mirrors.
Passengers can fly on the Airbus A380 with peace of mind as to security of their belongings thanks to the KomyMirror.
In addition to Japanese airlines such as Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, the KomyMirror has already been adopted widely by the world’s major airlines, including Scandinavian Airlines System, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and Qantas Airways. With total shipments surging over 60,000 units, Komy has yet to receive any complaint to date.

AIRBUS A380 Overhead stowage Bin(Center Bin)