Cathay Pacific Airways Installed KomyMirror in Overhead Bin!

Cathay Pacific Airways has decided to proceed with the installation of the KomyMirror in the overhead bins of all of its 22 aircrafts, the Boeing 747-400, which are set to undergo a retrofit program. It is estimated that a total of 124 mirrors will be installed in one carrier, 62 mirrors each for the outboard stowage bins and center stowage bins, requiring 2,860 mirrors in total to complete this project. The delivery of the mirrors began in August 2007, and is scheduled for completion in July 2008.
The KomyMirror has become the standard equipment on Cathay Pacific Airways, including newly purchased aircrafts, the Boeing B777 and Airbus A330/A340 aircrafts. “The KomyMirror is scratch-resistant and requires little maintenance, allowing flight attendants to easily conduct a thorough check into the overhead bins,” says Cathay Pacific Airways for the reasoning for the adoption of the product.