FlyDubai adopts KomyMirrors in their Boeing 737 Sky Interior and 737 NG!

Komy Co. Ltd. has announced that FlyDubai has placed an order for 1911 KomyMirrors, which will be installed in the stowage bins in 44 of their 737 Sky Interior and in 7 of 737 NG. FlyDubai has already ordered more than 100 aircraft of 737 MAX. They will install the KomyMirrors as standard item.

The mirror adopted by FlyDubai was designed for them by Komy. The mirror has a label stating “Please check your belongings” in both English and Arabic. The Arabic version was made for the first time.

FlyDubai expects to reduce the Turn Around Time and to decrease left belongings of passengers by the KomyMirrors.

KomyMirror for FlyDubai