KoreanAir adopts KomyMirror on A220 aircraft for the first time!

Komy delivered “KomyMirror for A220’s overhead stowage bin” to KoreanAir this April in 2023.  Although KoreanAir has installed KomyMirror for all aircraft that they have operated, KAL has decided to use KomyMirror for the first time on the A220.  This is also the first installation on A220.

Komy got an inquiry in January 2022 from KoreanAir engineering team. We had investigated the optimum mirror for overhead stowage bin of A220, then we selected one mirror from our lineup. KoreanAir has 10 of A220 aircraft, about 40 mirrors will be installed for one aircraft.

We are honored to enhance their operation.

We continue to support other A220 operators for adoption of KomyMirror.