LUXAIR to Install KomyMirror in Overhead Stowage Bins

LUXAIR has decided to install KomyMirror in overhead stowage bins of one first Boeing 737 as their verification test for effectivity.
Komy has received an order for first ship set of KomyMirror from LUXAIR.

LUXAIR operates 11 Bombardier DH8-Q400, 4 Boeing 737-800, 2 Boeing 737-700 Classic Interior. And the mirror P/N—LUXAIR chose— can be applicable to both type of Boeing 737 Boeing Sky Interior and Classic Interior.LUXAIR expects KomyMirror as two kinds of effects.
One is that it will help their flight attendants can speed-up the cabin preparation and verification between flights to improve turn-around times and the other effect is for passengers of lower height not to forget or lose their property in the overhead bins.

In case of positive outcome with this first ship set KomyMirror, LUXAIR will expand the installation to the remaining in service airplanes, too.